Fb is by far the #1 country in the world, YES… doesn’t matter what you think, +1.5 Billion people spend more time, energy and attention there than in their houses, schools, jobs, business, restaurants, even driving(doesn’t matter the ticket you can get), it’s a reality and so are in the other rising platforms.(twitter, instagram, pinterest & snapchat)

Productivity is not about shutting ourselves out from the world but to be effective in what we do, and ignoring the most amazing connectivity revolution is a mistake. FACT!

Knowing social media platforms is basic to reach globally, and not even that, there’s thousands of local businesses who are rocking with this.

And no!, it’s not just for teens.


Of Course if you’re just fooling around, finding out whats happening with your neighbours life, or checking out funny & meaningless stuff, then yes, shut it down, or don’t… I’m pretty sure you’ll have a way to waste your time and do the same without social media, but if you are serious about bringing value to the market place with this amazing “THING”, then my friend, fame, fortune and glory are waiting for you. (if you do it right)

☛ So in your business or brand

1. Make, or curate some GREAT FENOMENAL content


Jim Rohn used to say that the first thing to master communication is having something good to say. Here’s the same, so first you get noticed, then you can reaffirm yourself or become eventually an authority in your field (you should aim to), and remember as Gary Vaynerchuk says.. what is really great?… what the market says is great

So you have two options, or both… your choice.

  1. You create your own content, you gotta be really good and BTW you need enough mileage in your industry to talk about something you “say you know”… It’s easy to know when someone is talking much more than what he/she knows. So if you’re up to the task have passion and just share your craft in video, audio or writing. Tip- Don’t put too much attention in how it looks unless you have something to do with it, there are some really awful(designed) blogs with hundred of thousands of people reading or watching because the value it provides
  2. Curate it… You can synthesize from others who are great and that you have learned from, that’s really great. There’s some great stuff out there and the ability of putting some of the pieces together is something really remarkable, combining a number of things into a coherent hole is no easy craft, if you like it, then do it. But please don’t claim something that’s not yours, yours, I can’t say that it just pop into my mind the “I have a dream speech” and maybe is not that evident but trust me, I can show you screenshots of several content stealers that hours after some post goes on, they quickly take it as their own… sometimes some of my clients and associates tell me about it, that just makes you look bad.

I do both, some of this ideas are mine, most are not, I just took the time to test them and tweak them, and figure out if they actually work for me or my clients, then I share them… That’s why you need to HUSTLE, and actually build something, otherwise you can share thoughts and ideas from others, but won’t know the outcome, and maybe you won’t like them

2 Create a community (create conversations, network)


Imagine this as creating friends… At the beginning we don’t even know you, and People react to people, not just to posts or cool pictures, and we can’t even realize you put something GREAT out there, because if you have tweet two thousand times and got 30 followers, including the follow back and your family and crew, that means you are yelling great ideas in a sound proof room. So jump into a conversation online, just as if you were on a party or a network meeting… You pay attention, you listen, you jump in, start talking about something your into or interested about, introduce yourself, create a relationship, exchange business cards, find a way to keep in touch, etc. Unless of course you’re a jerk and just tell everyone they should buy your stuff, which I hope you know wont happen (picture yourself walking around in the room yelling I’m great I’m great, listen to me, buy my sh**)

Example, I have a friend, REAL FRIEND NO BS, his name is Ramses and he lives in Mexico City… who is great at cell phones repair, he owns a business that sells phone covers and screen protectors, and do the hole repairing thing. He’s great at what he does. But only a small part of his small neighborhood knows him, so I’m thinking he should start doing some videos about how he does what he does, and sharing it, going to twitter.com/search, locating the people around and just taking the time to see who is having troubles with his iphone, or broke their screen, or won’t charge, and give some advice like try this… or warning about the warranty, and so on. That’s adding value, then if they solve the problem they share the content, because it was useful,the like it, and if they can’t solve by their own guess who will they contact? bingo!

3. make sure to deliver proper service to your customers.


Then he should take the time to interact greatly with more people online, being friendly, answer to them, creating FAQ in his blog, creating more and more content, and keep the ball rolling, until he becomes the most renowned person in the cell phones repair and protection industry (which is huge)

***So in your business** Now you are getting noticed, you just started a conversation, someone is responding, someone even bother to do business with you… And then, you are too busy not answering back? WTF is wrong with you?

Today I read someone’s post that claim he was mastering social media and because of productivity matters (and btw that’s why I wrote this) he will only respond once a week… hahaha 😂 😂 😂, ONE week to check out and respond your inbox… come on, in a week I don’t even care anymore, I already solve my problem, i got my product or service… And yeah, from your competition, who will crush you, and all of your customers or prospects will think even worst, will think, & know the truth… YOU DON’T CARE, AND IF YOU DON’T CARE, THE MARKET FORGET (about you)

So… if you can’t do it, you pay someone to do it, and if you don’t have the money, then, basically you say you’re working but you are not… So you work your butt of so you can delegate it with a proper community manager (expert in your business, great with people, and well trained in how the platform works) BTW it has to be a really really great player, come on, it’s the face of your company, so don’t place there just someone around with nothing to do in the office, and please… he/she has to be friendly and kind, and remember that we don’t train people to be kind, we hire kind people.

4. Patience


Building a base of satisfied and loyal customers (fans)takes years! You go from 0 to 5 to 10 to 15 to 25, and yes to thousands or hundreds of thousands if you want, eventually

So, it doesn’t matter if you are just getting started and it seems nothing is happening, That was my biggest mistake in Social Media, and now I see it all over the world, companies start with content and good social media behavior (what i describe before) for lets say 6 months, but they don’t see any “real” benefit, so they quit doing it. And let me be straight here, this is absolutely not a quick fix, not a cheap 19.99 in your credit card trick, there is no easy, no working, chilling out, just watching how your money grows in your Iphone sh**. That’s always been garbage and always will be, that kind of gimmicks just migrated from the magic potion in the horse carriage to TV and then to internet. And none of those guys can sustain what they claim. (that’s why the carriage needed to move from town to town) They aim to the lazy people out there trying to outsmart the principles of success (in their finances and in their waistline) Sadly I’ve seen this desease infiltrating into my own battle lines, of course those who fall in this either die(social media disaster)or return wounded(social media damage)to the light. BE SMARTER THAN THAN

I remember that Robin Sharma told me that in his first speech about the international best seller book “The monk who sold his Ferrari” only a few people showed up, and half of those were family… And see where’s Robin, Why? easy: Great amazing stunning content +ridiculously hard work ethic + really caring about people, not rocket science, right? So you keep your hard work and your discipline, for how long?… until you either die or, naaa until you die… It’s supposed to be your passion you’re talking about, so here’s the confusion, if you don’t want to talk about that subject for your entire life, then you won’t be able to create stunningly beautiful and helpful content, you are just a poser and want to get the quick bucks, and my friend, people are not stupid, they will realize you’re a fraud and wont hesitate to spread the word

It’s like something I hear once (I can’t remember from who)

“What’s the one thing you should focus on that will make the major contribution to your enterprise?” That’s it… just do it often, really often… better all the time


  • Do not spam, dance… People like to interact, so see how they move, then move.
  • When you give, give, nothing worst someone appearing to be giving but actually taking. No one likes to be fooled
  • In the new book #AskGaryVee there’s something like this… why do you think some rules don’t apply to you as an entrepreneur but you demand them as a customer 😉

So guys, Think about why you follow who you follow online or offline, that’s what you have to become for others, become that in your business, in your industry and in your world… and this “Social media thing” my friends is the new world and don’t fail in your judgement, it’s not temporal, it’s here to stay.

Luv you all, thanks for reading and sharing

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Written by Luis Belaunzaran